Adding Customers

Adding Customers XEPOS

  1. Navigate to the “Admin” section, select the “Customers” menu in the bottom left, and then access the “Customers” tab in the top left.

Adding Customers XEPOS

  1. Select the “Add” button at the top of the window.

Adding Customers XEPOS

  1. Fill in the customer’s details as appropriate. For the ID we recommend starting at “001” and increasing it by 1 for each new category, so the first category will have the ID “001”, the second will have “002”, the third “003” and so on.
  1. In the bottom right of this window is the store credit. You can add a credit limit to the account, and give the customer an opening balance.
  1. After completing the customer details, select “OK” and the customer will be saved to the list.

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