Why choose XEPOS for Nightclub / Pubs and Bars?

Livelihood in the nightclubs, pubs and bars means those energetic people want everything to be fast and quick, just like the payment process that XEPOS provides for your business with a customized epos system specially made for your business. Quickly accept payments and move on to the next, to cut down the waiting lines and keep your business rolling. Providing the ability to split the bill, transfer orders from one table to another, creating special menus and handling everything as quickly as possible are some of the features that our epos system offers to speed up your business. Create happy hours to make your customers happier than before with XEPOS’ promotion and discount system. See end-of-the-day reports to make sure everything is under control. You can even use up to 10 key fobs to give your users quick access to the till. Plus, you have the option to transfer orders to the kitchen automatically and save time as well as eliminating human errors.

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Features and benefits

An easy to use epos system is a necessity for nightclubs, pubs and bars. These systems not only help you gather precious data but also let you export them when necessary. However, XEPOS epos system is above these basic features like creating a complete stock list and ease of use.

Find the Rush Hour and Plan Accordingly

Analyze your business’ reports to get to know your customers’ habits better and find the busiest hours of the day! Then you can have enough staff around the keep the business running quicker and better than before.

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Table Status Colour Code

Each colour represents a specific status: One for tables that are free, another for the ones that are occupied and even specific colour showing tables that are being used for more than 1 hour! That’s how you can check out the tables’ status with a simple glance.

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Waiter App to Take Orders at the Tableside

A waiter app made for your waiters to take orders at the customers’ tables which automatically transfers the order to the kitchen! Ease of use and quick access to the entire menu makes ordering a smooth and effortless process for both your staff and the customers.

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FOBs and Swipe/RFID Cards

Let the users easily sign-in and use the till with FOB keys and Swipe/RFID cards. Each till can have up to 50 cards to speed up your business.

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Real-Time Inventory Level

Monitoring your products and keeping track of so many bottles of drinks and different ingredients is a hard and daunting task but that’s only for the businesses who do not own an epos system. We help you know exactly how much you have left in the inventory.

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Card Terminal Smart Communication

The seamless payment process is every business person’ and customer’s dream! By transferring the total amount a customer should pay from the epos system to the card terminal, avoid human errors and also speeds up the whole experience.

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Nightclubs, Bars & Pubs from just £99.00

Please note: Complete System can be purchased for just £99 when bought with a 12 month support package for £30+VAT p/m. After completion of the contract, the system is yours.

Nightclubs, Bars & Pubs from just £15

Whether you need a complete system or just software we have the solution for you. Get started for just £99 for the complete system or £15p/m for software only packages. Need an integrated card terminal? Don't worry we have got that covered too! £15 per month for software

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We have spent the last 6 years working with other businesses in your sector. We understand every painpoint,
that’s why we have created the perfect epos system specificaly for your business, with every feature you will ever need.

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