Customer Reports

Customer reports can be helpful in keeping track of customer data such as their orders, total purchases, delivery address, etc.


  1. Navigate to the “Admin” section and log in.
  2. Select “Reports” located in the sidebar menu.
  3. Press on the “+” icon to expand a report category, or the “-” icon to collapse a report category.
  4. Reports within the “Customer” category is as follows:
    • Customer:
      • Detail ReportCompiles all of the requested customer information without performing any aggregation (e.g. a total, average, minimum or maximum value.)
      • General Report – A cursory report on a selection of customer accounts filtered by Customer ID, Customer Name, Zip Code, Company, Groups, and Classes or any combination of these.
      • Other Report (Sales, Special Events, etc.)
          1. Total Purchases – Displays the total amount of revenue from each customer, as well as the date of their last purchase.
          2. Last Visit – Displays the date of the last purchase of each customer.
          3. Special Events – N/A
  5. You can either email, preview, export or print these reports.

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