How To Rearrange POS Function Buttons In Select Apps

The select apps menu located towards the bottom left can save a lot of time if used efficiently. You can add, delete, and even reorder apps – think of them as shortcuts.


To rearrange buttons within the select apps, simply:


    1. Navigate to the “Ordering” section, and log in.
    2. Press “Select Apps” located in the bottom left.
    3. A window will appear with the following categories and information:
      • Apps:
        • All the functions available within the select apps menu.
      • POS Display Order:
        • The order in which apps within the menu are displayed on the screen.
      • Visible:
        • Whether a specific app is visible or invisible on-screen.
    4. Select your desired app and move it either up or down by pressing on the blue arrows.
    5. Once that is completed, press “DONE” and the apps will be rearranged in your desired order.

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