Product Pricing

Products can have up to three variable prices, which can be manually selected by employees at checkout or a customer account can be configured to default to one of the prices.


Prices can be assigned in the product’s details, at either creation of the product or while editing it. Of prices A, B and C, transactions will default to using price A unless otherwise specified using the function button ‘Use Price Level’ in the point of sale menu.


Setting a customer account to use a certain price level can be done on the ‘General Details’ page while creating or editing a customer account. Under the ‘Discount’ section, simply select one of the options under the ‘Price Level’ dropdown list.


If you do not want a product to be affected by variable pricing you must still fill in prices A, B and C, because if a customer account defaults to an empty/unset price it will make the product cost nothing, instead of defaulting to the primary price.

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