Sales Reports

You can find the different types of sales reports listed below.


  1. Navigate to the “Admin” section and log in.
  2. Select “Reports” located in the sidebar menu.
  3. Press on the “+” icon to expand a report category, or the “-” icon to collapse a report category.
  4. Reports within the “Sales” category is as follows:
    • Sales:
      • Auto Tips Report – This allows you to review any auto tips records in a given span of time.
      • Gift Cert. Activity Report – Compiles a list of gift certificates that have been either created, issued, or void, which can be filtered by the gift certificate number.
      • Gift Cert. Balance Report – Compiles a list of gift certificate balances. By default, this will output the balance of all gift certificates issued, but you can filter for balances greater than or less than a given value using the ‘Balance Criteria’ dropdown menu.
      • Meal Period Wise Analysis – A report which shows the total sales made in each meal period that has been set up. Meal periods are mainly for restaurants carrying out different services at different times during the day.
      • Order Type Wise Analysis – A report showing a bar chart with the sales made in each sales type in the software. The sales types being the quick service, table plan and bar tabs section.
      • Sales Matrix Report – A grid that contains a row of labels, a column of labels, and information in a grid format related to both the row and column labels.
      • Sales Summary Report – A summarised report on sales within a given period of time.
      • Sales Tax Collection Report – Generates an overall report on sales tax like how much sales tax has been charged or collected.
      • Table Group Wise Analysis – A report showing the sales made in each table group as well as each individual table within that group.
      • Tax Analysis Report – A report showing each product sold within a given time frame. It shows the amount of each product sold as well as the amount of money made selling that product with or without tax.The amount of tax paid on that item and the profit (if a cost price has been entered) will also be shown.
      • Tax Transaction Report – A report showing you each tax rate in your system, how many products have been sold with that tax rate assigned, and how much tax was paid on those products.
      • Transaction Journal Detailed Report – Provides a detailed report consisting of each transaction and the recorded amount or account related to each varying transaction.
      • Usage Fee Collection Report – A report consisting of usage fees paid within a given span of time.
      • Void Report – Compiles a list of items or invoices that have been void during a given span of time.
  5. You can either email, preview, export, or print these reports.

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