Why Choose XEPOS For Your Crafts Store?

Unleash your creativity and craft a thriving business with XEPOS, the ultimate solution for craft stores and artisans. Seamlessly integrate our intuitive EPOS system into your shop to elevate every aspect of your craft business. With XEPOS, you can effortlessly manage your inventory of crafting supplies, tools, and materials, ensuring that your shelves are always stocked with the latest trends and customer favourites. Our barcode scanning technology simplifies the checkout process, allowing you to spend more time engaging with customers and less time managing transactions. Plus, with our cloud-based platform, you can access real-time sales data and customer insights from anywhere, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive growth. XEPOS provides the tools you need to turn your passion into profit, embrace the art of success with XEPOS today.

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Top Features:

Inventory Management Simplified

With our Craft Store EPOS system, wave goodbye to inventory headaches. Track your array of crafting treasures – from vibrant fabrics to shimmering beads – with ease. Real-time updates ensure you’re never caught short, while automated alerts keep restocking seamless. Spend less time managing inventory and more time weaving your creative magic.

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Customizable Product Variants

Catering to the unique needs of your craft store, our EPOS system offers robust support for product variants. Whether it’s different sizes, colours, or materials, you can easily manage multiple variants of the same product with individual barcodes, prices, and promotions. Provide your customers with unparalleled choice while streamlining your sales process for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Artisanal Insights with Advanced Reporting

Expand your reach and maximize sales opportunities with seamless multi-channel selling capabilities. Our Craft Store EPOS system enables you to effortlessly sell across multiple channels, including in-store, online, and at craft fairs or markets. Synchronize inventory levels, orders, and customer data across all channels, providing a unified shopping experience for your customers. Increase your revenue potential and reach new customers with an integrated, omnichannel sales approach.

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EPOS System for Craft Stores from just £99.00

Please note: Complete System can be purchased for just £99 when bought with a 12 month support package for £30+VAT p/m. After completion of the contract, the system is yours.

EPOS Software Package for Craft Stores from just £15

Whether you need a complete system or just software we have the solution for you. Get started for just £99 for the complete system or £15p/m for software only packages. Need an integrated card terminal? Don't worry we have got that covered too! £15 per month for software

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We have spent the last 6 years working with other businesses in your sector. We understand every painpoint,
that’s why we have created the perfect epos system specifically for your business, with every feature you will ever need.

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