Why choose XEPOS for Retail?

Take your business to the next level with a feature rich, customisable hospitality software. Multiple menu support, table plans, ingredient lists and much more. The perfect system for hotels, restaurants, cafés and more.View detailed logs and reports of every staff member, and get a better understanding of your business’s workflow. Clock in/out reports, activity logs, sales per user and much more. Staff member underperforming? Restrict staff privileges such as staff discount. Employee hitting above their target? Reward them for their hard work with extra prerogatives.

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Top Features

Flexibility in Payment

Mastercard, Visa credit cards, cash, cheque,… Let the guests choose their preferred payment type to create a smooth checkout experience for your staff and your guests.

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Currency preferences

Hotels with multiple branches in different countries are struggling when it comes to the payment. Our epos system, on the other hand, enables hotels to accept different currencies in multiple locations to ease the payment process.

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Take loyalty to the next level

Points and stamps are great motivators for one-timers to visit more and become a regular. Use XEPOS loyalty program to increase your customers’ loyalty.

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Online booking for all members

Let the customers check out events and classes online and choose their preferred one! XEPOS offers an online calendar system which shows any details related to classes and events and everything they need to know about them.

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Staff report

Keep track of your staff’s performance with the help of XEPOS epos system. Check their breaks/working hours and even set their salary to get a detailed report about each and every member working at your gym.

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Free menu programming

Sit back and relax while we create your menu in your epos system for free.

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Hospitality EPOS System from just £99.00

Our EPOS system comes in two sizes. The 15" Xonder One system is £299 or the XE Touch 12" System costs £99 to setup.  The Xonder One is a complete all in one system and is our showcase product, the XE Touch comes with a smaller screen and a separate processing unit but is ideal for those businesses on a budget.  In terms of features both systems come with the same feature packed software and award winning support!

Retail from just £15

Whether you need a complete system or just software we have the solution for you. Get started for just £99 for the complete system or £15p/m for software only packages. Need an integrated card terminal? Don't worry we have got that covered too! £15 per month for software

Try XEPOS Risk Free!!

We have spent the last 6 years working with other businesses in your sector. We understand every pain point, that’s why we have created the perfect EPOS system specifically for your business, with every feature you will ever need.

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