Why choose XEPOS for Retail?

Welcome to the future of business management. With an XE Retail Solution, gone are the days of burying yourself in a pile of paperwork! Manage your inventory with ease, see your stock level in real-time, connect with your customers and get to know them. And that’s just scratching the surface! We have gathered everything you need in a single place to help you take your business to a whole new level. Our modern and stylish hardware works hand in hand with the software that has been tailored specifically to your retail business.

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Top Features

Inventory Management

Manage your stock the modern way! Our UK leading EPOS system helps you keep track of your inventory, create a database, edit prices, see your stock level and so much more!

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Promotions, Discounts & Loyalty

Give your customers the appreciation they deserve for their loyalty.
Reward loyalty with a grand range of incentives, keeping your customer base interested and more willing to spend more.

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Multi-Store Support

Single store or multiple branches, family owned or conglomerate, all can be managed with ease through a singular back-office, creating a seamless management experience. Accessing necessary information regarding different aspects of all the branches can give you a better working experience as well as helping you with the strategy-making process.

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Ordering & Payment

Experience a new level of order and payment control with an XEPOS system. Monitor real-time operations, have access to flexible payment methods, and much more.

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We give you a wide range of reports and analytics to help you understand your business better, along with helping you with your day to day activities. All of our reports can be customised and adapted to see only the data you want. Customise date ranges, users, locations and more.

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Staff management

With our intuitive software, you can check staff reports, as well as supervise staff access. Control every user’s access levels with customisable security management. Set independent or ranking based permissions to stop people seeing things such as sales, reporting, analytics and more. It also comes with a full, feature rich clocking system.

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Retail from just £99.00

Whether you would prefer to pay monthly or buy outright, we have the solution for you. If you're paying monthly, you can get started with just £99 for the complete system and a support package for £35 per month. After 12 months the hardware belongs to you. Alternatively, you can buy the system outright and receive the same package for only £489. Need an integrated card terminal? Don't worry we have got that covered too!

Retail from just £15

Whether you need a complete system or just software we have the solution for you. Get started for just £99 for the complete system or £15p/m for software only packages. Need an integrated card terminal? Don't worry we have got that covered too! £15 per month for software

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We have spent the last 6 years working with other businesses in your sector. We understand every pain point, that’s why we have created the perfect EPOS system specifically for your business, with every feature you will ever need.

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