Any business that wants to succeed has to get many things right. Sure, they have to consider cash flow and productivity but ensuring they provide a great service for each customer is vital. Whether you are selling products or a service, getting everything right will ultimately provide excellent customer service. However, one aspect of the entire process that every customer values is the process of making payment. 


Encouraging people to purchase your product or service is one thing but actually getting them to spend their cash is another. If the process of making payment is lengthy and troublesome then they are not going to trust you or spend money with you, it really is as simple as that. So, if you are looking to boost customer service then making it as simple as possible for them to part with their money is going to raise customer satisfaction to new levels.


Why is it so Important to Make Payments so Easy?

More and more people are choosing to change the way in which they pay. Cash is slowly disappearing and businesses such as restaurants, shops, hotels and even mobile hairdressers are changing how they accept payments.

People lead busy lives and convenience is a significant driver behind the decisions they make. A simple tap and go is what they're looking for when they’re in a rush back to the office or to meet friends. Essentially, you have to meet these specific needs to make sure you give them what they are looking for. 

However, it is not just offering a streamlined payment experience in bricks and mortar businesses because online is just as important. The online world is highly competitive and is more competitive than the high street. What this means is that the entire payment process has to be slick and efficient. No unnecessary hurdles or problems, they want an effective process that makes it possible for them to make their payment in a few clicks. A system from XEPos and XEPay can help to win over each customer.

Speedy and Efficient Payments

We have touched on this already but each customer is looking to make their payment and complete the transaction as quickly as possible. Slow systems, a lack of efficiency and glitchy software can plague many point of sale systems but XEPos avoids these problems by delivering the latest hardware and software that not only fits around the needs of your business but also provides your clientele with an effective way to pay.

We understand the importance of being able to accept payments rapidly so we make it happen. With a variety of payment options available, you can quickly accept payments using a roaming POS machine or take payment in the traditional way with an Epos till system. Either way, we make payments happen so your business can flourish.

In the hospitality sector it is common for customers to want to split the bill. With our Epos till system and roaming Pos machines, you can make this possible. With “split bill” options available, you can ensure your customers only pay what they need to. You can select specific items and keep them off the order while you can take payments off different people even if they are sitting at the same table. This is a feature that can sometimes be overlooked but XEPos ensures that you can offer customers even more, helping them to enjoy their experience without worrying about settling their bill at the end of their meal.


Customer Loyalty

There is a fine line between delivering satisfaction and forcing your customers to look elsewhere. If your competitors offer something different then there is every chance that your customers are going to make the switch but that is completely avoidable by offering loyalty schemes.

It’s crucial to make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Through a loyalty program from XEPos, you can provide them with the ability to benefit from a wealth of options, all of which can help them to save money. Whether it’s a point system, a stamp system or something different, it can transform your business and the customer satisfaction you deliver.

We make it possible to implement a loyalty program that matches the needs of your business and every customer. With a range of options available, you can create personalised discounts and offers based on the behaviours and demographics of your target market. This level of personalisation creates brand loyalty and encourages people to return to your business time and time again.

Streamline Ordering Processes

Our systems allow you to speed up the ordering process in a restaurant or hospitality setting. With real-time order processing, once you have taken an order using a touch screen system, it will be printed out in real-time at the bar or in the kitchen. This makes the entire transfer process faster, seamless and reduces the risk of problems. When there are fewer people and processes involved, it reduces the risk of problems and that can help to ensure that you always get orders right and on time.


Provide Product Updates

When a customer wants or needs an item that isn’t in stock, failing to provide them with detailed information about stock levels can do damage to your business. They expect you to either race for the stockroom to check stock levels or give them an instant update. However, with a sophisticated still system from XEPos, you can check your inventory and provide them with instant information on stock levels and even when you can expect them to return. What’s more, you can also go one step further and order items from your suppliers if required, delivering a unique experience for every customer.


Customer service relies on many factors but when you choose to use solutions from XEPos, you can be sure that you deliver satisfaction every time. Customers can benefit from systems that provide a unique experience and your business can benefit from insights and information that allows you to make better decisions, delivering an exceptional level of customer satisfaction.