Welsh Computers

We don’t know how we managed without our XEPOS system

We asked Adam O’Rourke from Welsh Computers how XEPOS has helped manage their business more efficiently.

The Challenge

We opened our doors to the public in May 2017. Before this we traded privately, selling reconditioned computers and associated hardware online.

As our business and stock grew, we needed a solution to make everything digital! Our form filling and filing became too much and we would spend hours each day just counting stock levels or shredding documents – XEPOS seemed like a good solution to our problems!

The Result

Honestly, it’s much easier to use than I imagined – it’s simple and intuitive, scan a barcode and take the cash – done! There are a few hurdles for the not so technically minded but with the support given there’s nothing that can’t be done.

I don’t know how we managed without the stock control feature on our XEPOS till, you simply scan a barcode and put in quantities, prices etc. and it’s there. We save so much time being able to quickly check if it’s in stock and how many we have. You can also book appointments and manage your clients too, so the system really has more scope that just a retail shop – hairdressers and similar would massively benefit from the built in CMS.


The technical support from XEPOS has been fantastic and the entire system has massively improved our abilities as a business. There’s a small initial cost and very reasonable running costs but the benefits of a digital system far outweigh these! We are saving hours a week in time and ultimately the time saved more than pays for the system and support.

The XEPOS system lets me go home earlier and spend more time with the people (and cats) I love. It worked for our business, it could work for you!

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