The customer completes their purchase and leaves, end of story. Right? Well, this is actually where most retailers get it wrong. The customer experience doesn’t end just because they paid, it extends past this into what is known as the post-payment phase. 


This is arguably the most important phase - no business will last for long if your customers don’t come back for more. So, how do you keep the experience going even after they have made a purchase? We’ve got everything you need to know right here.


Show You Care 

If you don’t show your customers that you care even after they have made a purchase, they won’t want to come back to you. They will forget about you and find someone else. You need to let them know that you are thankful for their purchase and appreciate the fact that they came to you for their chosen product. 


You have to stand above the competition in this regard. Put a thank you note in the parcel, add a little packet of sweets, offer a discount on their next purchase - the little things go a very long way in retail. 


Engaging Content and Guides 

The content on your website is actually very important, and customers will be more inclined to visit your website if it is loaded with good content. Guides on how to care for products, the history behind them, or how to use them are all fantastic options to keep your customers interested and get them back to your website even after they have made a purchase. 

Feedback and Satisfaction 

Giving customers the opportunity to provide feedback and let you know how satisfied they were with the service shows them a willingness to listen and change. Customers appreciate a company that is always looking to improve, and taking the feedback and satisfaction aspect of it seriously is a great way to make sure customers remember you in the post-payment stage. 


Friendly Reminders and Offers 

If you haven’t seen your costumers back for a while, you can send them a friendly email with a welcome back voucher or offer that entices them back to your site. Tell them that you miss their custom and would like to provide them with a special deal - it makes them feel valued and appreciated. A friendly reminder is sometimes all you need to get sales rolling in. 


Loyalty Programmes 

A loyalty programme is a perfect way to keep them coming back for more - especially when it’s a programme that offers great rewards. Think carefully about what to offer your customers, even go as far as reaching out to them and asking their opinion. After all, they are the ones that will be using it so you want to make sure they are happy with what’s being offered.


To Conclude 

Keeping your customers happy and engaged is the key to success, and the only way you will ensure they keep coming back to you for more products and information. You have to make them feel valued and appreciated - things that are easy to do when you follow our guide above.