To work in retail is not an easy thing right now, and it’s all because of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is something which has been a problem since the outset, and it has hit the retail industry hard. 

A lot of people are finding that the retail industry is simply not coping as well as they would like, and online clothing stores are a particular topic of mention. Let’s take a look at how online clothing stores are coping during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Okay Experiences

It’s not a massive secret to say that the online clothing store world has been doing relatively okay. The problem isn’t in the interest in the industry, because that is an all-time high, the problem is in the shopping experience itself.

You have to realise that while most customers are more than happy to make the transition to online deliveries and convenience, they also don’t like the fact that the shopping experience is not as fully formed and realised online.

This is further compounded by the fact that the EPOS system is not fully realised for the digital realm, sales are not as definitive, and the overall shopping experience is lacking a certain finesse and touch the modern shopper has become acclimated to.  



Is There a Solution?

Retail stores all across the country, and indeed the world are looking to see if there is a solution for the problem of a lack of a personalised, fully formed shopping experience. 

The solution is going to be putting a renewed emphasis on the digital. Companies are, whether they want to or not, going to have to accept the online is now where most sales take place. Therefore, if you haven’t made the upgrade to the digital, and you haven’t optimised your digital presence, you will need to do so.

The EPOS system may well need an overhaul to provide the best possible service. The entire system is used to monitor, collect, and track information about sales, and this is going to be made even more helpful if there is a proper digital variation. At the end of the day, it has to be integrated into the shopping experience with a more comfortable and accessible medium for customers in order to compensate for the current climate adequately.

In conclusion, the digital realm is definitely going to be one that will have to become the focus for a lot of companies. Online shopping stores have been doing well for a long time now, but the increased demand for traffic and the services is now starting to become a little bit complicated. It is highlighting the obvious cracks in the system, the inability to cope at a high level. Functionally, a lot of online shopping and clothing stores could cope better if they had the time and the resources required to create a fully-fledged, authentic shopping experience from the comfort of a computer screen. It’s all about making the shift to digital, and modernising based on that.